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Summer 2018, Week 8


The Bunnies’ last week of camp was the best one yet! We had so much fun playing on the slip-and-slide when the pool closed and going on a nature walk in science. We enjoyed our last times playing on Discovery Playground, finally being able to swing by ourselves and going down the slide. We loved reading books like Ninja! And Froggy Learns How to Swim. We also loved enjoying playing in our classroom for the last times at Burgundy. We are so sad to say goodbye to the Bunnies, but wish everyone a great rest of the summer and school year!


The Ducks had a fantastic last week at camp! We had many familiar faces, but we still started off the week with introductions and our favorite ice cream flavors. To go along with the theme of the week, the ducks went to the barn and fed some carrots to the goats! Later on in the week, we finger painted with shaving cream on the table to end the week. The ducks had an amazing summer and cannot wait for next summer!


The Dinos had another fun-packed week with loads of excitement as we celebrated the end of camp! We welcomed our new friends to camp, attended our specials such as sports and art, enjoyed ice cream and water slides The Dinos got to show off their acting abilities as they played a class wide game of Dino Charades, a game they all seemed to enjoy very much. The counselors had such a fun summer with the Dinos and hope to see them back again next year! We all enjoyed our last week of camp!

Thank you,

The Dino Counselors


Hello Chipmunk Parents

This week at BFSDC our theme was Down on the Farm! We played with the farm animals, and made some awesome farm themed crafts in art class! We also enjoyed our ice cream, went to the pool and to the water slides per usual. It was sad to say goodbye to our friends this week, but we were reminded of how special summer camp bonds can be by the song “Make New Friends” (our counselors taught us that one) We had a really great week, and a SPLENDID summer!!

-The Chipmunk Counselors


This week, the foxes had a wonderful time participating in activities that got them excited for this weeks camp theme, down by the farm. Meeting the Burgundy goats Duncan and Boris, Lulu the pig, and Angel the pony at the barn during science with Ms. Kyra was an outstanding and popular experience for everyone. In art, they made sheep with cotton balls, glue sticks, and and black construction paper. The scooter games in sports and games, water slides, sprinklers, and slip-n'-slide allowed the foxes to have the most fun possible during our last week of camp!


The Raccoons had an awesome last week of camp! Down on the Farm week meant that the Raccoons got to enjoy meeting and feeding many of the animals in our barn and learning more about them. We also spent time exploring the different playgrounds, making pinwheels, playing with bubbles, and having dance parties in the classroom! A slip-and-slide on Tuesday was also a nice treat for us.

We also all enjoyed a nature walk in science; playing parachute games and different kinds of tag in sports; making a farm scene in art; and learning songs and dances in music. Of course, everyone loved our last ice cream Wednesday and playing on the water slides Thursday as well!

We have had a great summer and hope all of our campers did too!

Raccoons Counselors: Abby, Matt, Maggie, Natalia, and Sean


This week at camp the hawks had an amazing week exploring the burgundy campus and making new friends. Some of their favorite activities were the playing on the playgrounds, the pool and our favorite special art! We hope you and your kids have a great rest of the summer

The Hawks

Taylor, Jaelen, and Tim


What's up Eagle families,

We celebrated farmer week and the last week of camp by spending time down at the barn and with the pet bird in the science room. We also had an awesome time going on the slip n slide and sprinkler on the field.  It has been a great 8 weeks for the eagles and we hope to see you all back next summer for more fun!


Matt, Grace and Ethan

Lower Division Art

In our last week Lower Division art had lots of fun with the theme, "Down by the Barn". First, campers made sheep with paper and cotton balls. Then we made barns out of Popsicle sticks and filled them with farm animals! Thanks for a great week!

Lower Division Sports and Games

Week 8! This week for sports and games we started off with a few rounds of human bowling! One person was on the scooter, they were the ball, while their partner was the bowler and responsible for pushing their teammate into the pins! With the younger campers we started off the week with an obstacle course that challenged them to run, jump, crawl and hop, through and over obstacles! For the end of the week we played multiple rounds of tag and finished with some free play time!

Lower Division Science

This last week in Science the campers set sail on an adventure in the scientific world! They encountered the puzzling (and slightly messy) lab of magnetic slime, stretching and pulling it till it reached great lengths, and watched as it engulfed any magnet near it. The children also embarked to help feed the very hungry animals of Burgundy Farm. Overall, it was a blast and I can't wait to see them all next summer!

Lower Division Music

This week in music and drama campers enjoyed bringing back some of our favorite activities from past summer camp weeks. Our younger campers learned how music is made up of patterns and had the opportunity to create their own beat patterns with hand drums and share them with the group. Older campers played games that encourage focus, creativity, and teamwork. Every camper was able to explore many different types of instruments during our free percussion play time earlier in the week. Campers also enjoyed playing with balloons, bouncing them around the room to match the tone of the music playing in the background.

Artrageous Artventures

“Art in the Round” printing started out the week with awesome results!  Kids in both camps designed round foam plates & colored them with washable markers.  They sprinkled water on their paper & burnished their plates & pulled magical prints that looked like watercolor paintings!  

Kids in the am camp also created beautiful wax resist paintings of themselves, followed by striking chalk pastels, while learning a bit of warm vs cool color theory. Older campers also tackled more complicated self-portraits. One was inspired by Canadian artist Sandra Silberzweig & one by Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. The kids portraits were stunning and showed the vast difference in style and approach.  They are all suitable for framing! Older campers also created a fun & lively wax resist inspired by contemporary artist James Rizzi. Camp ended with a loud and colorful SPLAT as kids made vast quantities of SLIME!


It has been an amazing week in photography! Our campers explored Burgundy's beautiful campus with cameras and took many great pictures.  Campers learned the different functions of our SLR cameras and when to use them.They worked with partners to create their own stop motion animation film. They were very creative and resourceful when creating characters and props. The films turned out great! It has been a fun and exciting last week!


For our final week of Engineering, our theme was Forensics Investigators. Our projects included separating DNA from a strawberry, comparing car tracks, crashing wooden dragsters, and making lie detectors. We worked with concepts like DNA, impressions, circuits, and inertia.

Lego Legends

The last week in Lego Camp was definitely one for the books! We went back to the basics this week, with doing so classic Lego challenges. On Monday we started with classic cars. Then on Tuesday we attempted to connect the room with a bridge spanning the entire length of our classroom. On Wednesday we recreated images with LEGO, including the Capitol Building, Washington Monument and the Sydney Opera House. On Thursday things got a little messy with the egg drop. Campers built LEGO targets and tried to hit them from 25 ft. up in the air! We ended the week with Freebuild Friday. It was a great summer for the LEGO Maniacs.

Excite Soccer

In the morning group with some of our younger campers we focused and learned basic footwork skills with games and competitions! The campers have been split into four different teams with points awarded for goals, wins and sportsmanship. The teams featured in the morning include: Scotland, France, Brazil and England. We also celebrated a birthday along the way through our soccer fun! In the afternoon campers engaged in a series of competitive games throughout the week. The matches featured the teams France, Scotland, Djibouti and Canada, with lots of competitive and fun in 2v2 tournaments and competitions! It was a fantastic summer at Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp!

KSS Programs - Tae Kwon Do

Tae kwon do has been a blast! Students have learned the importance of manners, self control, teamwork and self discipline. They have also developed strength, flexibility, and balance through our various forms and exercises. It has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience for everyone! We are looking forward to another awesome week next week!

Nature Navigators

The last week of camp is here, and I must say the Nature Navigators are overwhelmed from the amount of fun we had! We played several nature games, made nature crowns, hung out in the garden, and captured skinks. The navigators learned a variety of ways to get rid of bug bites and bee stings; one being, a spit and plantain leaf paste. At first the campers were grossed out by the thought of mixing their spit, but once they figured how beneficial the paste was they opted to make more! We had a fun-filled week, and can't wait for next year!


It's been an explosive chemistry week! We erupted volcanoes and shot coke 20 feet in the air with mentos. Campers also made their own lava lamps and slime to take home. The last week at science camp has been a blast!

Burgundy Outdoors

This week in burgundy outdoors has been filled with fun activities. Early in the week we explored the school garden and picked cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and many herbs- that we later used to make our own herbed cream cheese snack. We decorated flower pots and planted our own seeds found in the garden using compost made by burgundy outdoors worms! Campers learned how to use compasses, had lots of fun preparing for our camp out, swimming and sliding down the water slides. The week will finish out with the overnight camp out, and of course, s’mores!