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Summer 2018, Week 7


The Bunnies had a great time during Week 7! We loved playing at the playground and in the sandpit. We also had a fun time visiting the pond and seeing all the water lilies. We loved Water Slide Day so much, we didn’t want to leave! We many read books together like Corduroy and Love You like a Pig. We enjoyed watching the talent show, and even supporting one of our own Bunnies in the show! Week 7 was an awesome week, and we are all so sad the summer at Burgundy is coming to an end.


This week the ducks had another amazing week at camp! We did a lot of indoor art projects such as painting scenes from our favorite movie to go along with the theme of the week. Later in the week, we made dot art with some of our favorite colors. Due to the nice weather this week, the ducks had the opportunity to go to the barn multiple times and meet the animals! One of their favorite activities was digging for worms to feed to the chickens. To close out the week, the ducks loved cheering on all of the acts at the talent show on Friday! We cannot wait to see what kind of fun the last week of camp will bring!


The Dinos had another fun-packed week with loads of excitement as we celebrated Week 7 of Camp! We welcomed our new friends to camp, attended our specials such as sports and art, enjoyed ice cream and water slides, and ended the week with a fun game to celebrate this weeks theme of Burgundy’s Got Talent. The Dinos got to show off their acting abilities as they played a class wide game of Dino Charades, a game they all seemed to enjoy very much. The counselors had such a fun week with the Dinos and hope to see them back again next week!

Thank you,

The Dino Counselors


Hello Chipmunk Parents,

This week at BFSDC our theme was Burgundy's Got Talent! We practiced singing "This Land is Your Land" for our talent show performance, made some super awesome paintings in art class, and we took a luxurious nature walk with the Eagles group in science! We also enjoyed our ice cream, went to the pool and to the water slides per usual. We had a really great week!

-The Chipmunk Counselors


The Foxes had another fantastic week here at camp! We read all kinds of super cool books, and spent several hours running around the different playgrounds. In science we made a large soda fountain and expanded a balloon by mixing baking powder and vinegar. we also spent time practicing for the Talent Show! The Foxes had four different performances in the show and we are so proud of all 21 of our talented Foxes! Although we are sad this was our second to last week of camp we ended on a high note and are ready for one last amazing week!


The Raccoons absolutely loved Burgundy's Got Talent week! Many of our Raccoons came up with their own acts for the talent show Friday and rehearsed during the week. They performed amazingly - we have some very skilled Raccoons! During the week, our Raccoons also had fun exploring the playgrounds of Burgundy, playing "Angry Frog," and making artwork.The Raccoons enjoyed meeting and feeding the animals in the barn and blowing up balloons with chemical reactions in science; playing parachute games in sports; using oil pastels and watercolors to create masterpieces and designing our own rock stars in art; and playing "Little Red Wagon," Freeze Dance, and Firefighter in music. Of course, our Raccoons loved getting ice cream Wednesday and playing on the water slides Thursday as well!

We can't wait for another great week and the last week of camp!

Raccoons Counselors: Abby, Matt, Maggie, and Natalia


This week the Hawks enjoyed Burgundy's beautiful campus. We made lots of friends this week and enjoyed our pool, art, and sports time. The hawks also went on a nature walk to learn more about the campus and our surrounding area. Happy Summer everyone!


Hi Eagle parents,

This was an awesome week in the Eagles. We explored a new trail in Burgundy's woods and learned about moss and fungus. We even pretended we had our own nature TV show to celebrate Burgundy's got talent week(similar to natural geographic).

We loved cheering on our friends Brooke, Erin, Eliza, Abigail, Parker and our counselor Ethan in the talent show on Friday! GREAT JOB EAGLES!

Lower Division Art

This week in Lower Division art, campers had lots of fun! We learned about using watercolor paints and campers painted beautiful pictures. Then we celebrated Burgundy's Got Talent week by making our own rockstars with decorated electric guitars. Thanks for a great week!

Lower Division Sports and Games

Week 7! Another good one in the book! For sports and games this week started off with animal tag which called for two zookeepers and one monkey and the rest of the campers were “animals” roaming around the zoo! The zookeeper's tagged the animals to put them back in the cages, and the monkey could untag the animals and see them free from their cages! For the second half of the week we played with a parachute and played cat and mouse and made a big balloon over our heads!

Lower Division Science

This week in Science the campers set sail on an adventure in the scientific world! They encountered the puzzling (and slightly messy) lab of magnetic slime, stretching and pulling it till it reached great lengths, and watched as it engulfed any magnet near it. The children also embarked to help feed the very hungry animals of Burgundy Farm. Overall, it was a blast and I can't wait to see them all next week!

Lower Division Music

This week in music and drama campers showed their many talents by acting, singing, dancing, and playing percussion instruments. In addition to playing musical games and instruments, everyone learned the song "Let's Go Fly a Kite", from Mary Poppins. We had a wonderful time using dance scarves as our kites, tossing them into the air while singing and moving with the music.

Artrageous Artventures

Bright, crazy colors filled the Art room this week in both the am & pm sessions! Younger campers began the week in Panama, learning about the Kuna people and their beautiful fabric folk art, Molas. The kids drew animals with geometric designs & glued colorful strips of foil paper around them in keeping with the Molas tradition. The older kids also tried their hand at folk art by making a watercolor resist, featuring quaint villages they created. Our younger campers also took an imaginary trip to the beach, making psychedelic sand dollars while older kids hung out in the desert making  psychedelic cactus. Glitter & puffy paint made an appearance to help up the color volume.

In keeping with Burgundy’s Got Talent week, kids in both sessions also made self-portraits showing their star qualities!


Wow, we cannot believe another week has flown by! We were so busy taking photos of Burgundy's beautiful campus. The campers captured amazing photographs of the plants, animals, and many other candid photos of camp life. We also worked on creating iMovies to capture the beauty and fun of Burgundy. What an amazing and creative week in photography.


This week our theme was Power and Energy. Over the course of the week,we made many different projects over the course of the week including catapults, LED circuits, magnet jumpers, and roller coasters. We talked about many power and energy concepts, such as the difference between potential and kinetic energy, how a circuit works, how friction affects movement, and about different kinds of circuits.

Lego Legends

We began the week with a team building tallest tower challenge. On Tuesday we built planes. On Wednesday we replicated pictures with Legos. Then on Thursday we built air power cars. Campers built Lego cars with paper sails and balloons, then tested to see which method worked better. We ended the week with Free Build Friday.

Excite Soccer

World Cup is nearly to the end with week 7 but all teams are eager to win. The teams in the morning group include: USA, Brazil, France and Canada. This while the afternoon groups are sporting Belgium and the world's smallest country, Vatican City. This is the first week having Vatican City as one of the competitors, also making it the smallest country yet to compete all Summer! Friday is the talent show where several of our soccer players will be showing of their skills to all of our friends and families! We over at soccer are very excited!

Congratulations to all of our new soccer stars! - Coach Steven

NOVA Fencing

In fencing we learned footwork, blade skills and about the honor and respect of the sport. We played some games, made some new friends, and had lots of fun! Most importantly, everyone got to learn some new skills and practice their fencing skills! Happy Summer to all of our future fencers!

Nature Navigators

This week in nature navigators we worked on our nature collages. On Monday we picked out rocks and tree bark to paint. Tuesday, we made origami butterflies to go with our collages. Wednesday, we made worm terrariums. To close our the week we painted leaves and did a scavenger hunt around the campus. We had a fantastic time this week in Nature Navigators!


It's biology week! We started out examining owl pellets, which is what the owl regurgitates after eating. We identified bones and campers even got to take home a bone. Later in the week we made a mess extracting strawberry DNA. On Thursday, we had an eye opening experience. We dissected cow eyes!

Burgundy Outdoors

"#When nature calls..." is the slogan campers in this session of Burgundy Outdoors created, and the activities for the week have definitely gotten us outside and exploring.
We've learned a host of new knots everyday this week, in addition to lots of other skills. The big theme has been survival. Campers built debris shelters, learned how to gather water from plants, and even started mini fires with magnesium fire starters. 
The week ended out with a trip to Hemlock Overlook Regional park for team building and high ropes , and an all-camp talent show full of super stars!