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Summer 2018, Week 6


The Bunnies had a blast during Week 6 of camp! Even though it was very rainy, we had fun inside playing with Legos, play dough, and in the treehouse in our classroom. We were able to go to the playground and feed the animals at the end of the week, which we all really loved. We read many books like, In the Tall, Tall Grass and Minerva Louise at the Fair. We loved meeting our new Bunny friends and continuing the fun with the friends we already made. We really enjoyed this week at Burgundy!


This week in the Ducks we had so much fun despite the dreary weather! We started off the week by learning everyone’s names and favorite movies! A few of our favorite movies are Moana and Cars. Due to the weather, we did some fun indoor activities such as playing with Play Dough and coloring pirate ships. One of the highlights of the week was being able to build pirate ships in the classroom with the blocks! Every Duck made one and had a chance to see what everyone else made. The Ducks are super excited to finish out the summer with two more weeks of fun!


Despite the weather the Dinos persevered! We enjoyed inside games such as Rhythm Chief and Captain’s Coming! We worked together and created treasure maps in art class for this week's Pirate/Treasure week. Thursday, one of the campers favorites, we slipped and slid on the huge pirate themed water slide… it was awesome.On Friday we enjoyed dressing up as pirates!   


The Dino Counselors


Hello Chipmunk Parents

This week at BFSDC our theme was Pirates! We made parrot friends for our shoulders in art class as well as some awesome treasure maps! In science class, we experimented by making magnetic slime, super cool! We also enjoyed our ice cream, went to the pool and to the water slides per usual. We had a really great week!

-The Chipmunk Counselors


What a week! Although we had a rather rainy start to week 6 here at BFSDC the Foxes didn't let that stop us from having fun! We built towns out of blocks, explored our creative coloring sides and discovered all our classroom had to offer. However, the rain did make us appreciate our outside playgrounds even more than normal! Although the clouds helped our ice cream from melting off their sticks faster than we could eat them, we were really excited to see the sun Thursday and continue to take advantage of Burgundy's awesome outdoor spaces! We can't wait for another awesome week next Monday!


The Raccoons had a great Treasure Hunters week! In music, they got to sing pirate songs and in science we made magnetic slime! In art, we made some amazing colorful parrots. The Raccoons also colored and made impressive block buildings in the classroom. We even got to play with beach balls on the playground! As usual, ice cream day and water slide day were a huge hit! Friday we enjoyed watching the Dare to Dance camp give a fun dance performance in the new loft building!  We can’t wait for another amazing week!

Raccoon counselors and CIT: Abby, Matt, Maggie, Natalia, and Ryan


This week the Hawks enjoyed Burgundy's beautiful campus even in the rain. We made lots of friends this week and enjoyed our pool, art, and sports time despite the terrible weather. The hawks also went on a nature walk to learn more about the campus and our surrounding area.

The Hawks

Taylor, Jaelen, and Tim


Hello Eagle families,

The eagles celebrated treasure hunter week by going on a long nature walk in search of buried treasure. In addition we made treasure maps and read some pirate stories. The eagles are flying into week 7!

Lower Division Art

This week Lower Division campers had tons of fun in art! We made pirate-themed projects that all the campers really enjoyed. First we made parrots out of paper and feathers. Campers had fun decorating their parrots and taking them home. Next we made our own pirate treasure maps! Campers were very creative and had fun making their own maps that lead to buried treasure. See you next week!

Lower Division Sports and Games

This week in sports and games we played a game call Octopus tag! The campers were challenged with running from one side of the “sea” to the other without getting tagged by the shark, if they did, they became an octopus and could tag others while they ran past them while they sat in the spot they were tagged! We finished off the week with a treasure relay race each crew was responsible for emptying out their treasure chest on the other end of the gym and delivering it to their boat as quickly as possible! It was a great week!

Lower Division Science

This week in Science the campers set sail on an adventure in the scientific world! They encountered the puzzling (and slightly messy) lab of magnetic slime, stretching and pulling it till it reached great lengths, and watched as it engulfed any magnet near it. The children also embarked to help feed the very hungry animals of Burgundy Farm. Overall, it was a blast and I can't wait to see them all next week!

Lower Division Music

This week in music and drama campers sailed through a sea of pirate themed songs and games. Together we learned the song, Sailing for Adventure ,and played games such as Ships and Islands and We Are Two Sailors. Campers also enjoyed using various props such as scarves and boomwhackers to act as if they were sailing a pirate ship and searching for buried treasure.

Artrageous Artventures

Art was abuzz with a variety of projects this week in both the younger & older camps! Pottery painting kicked off the week with everyone designing their own bowls.  Bowls are food safe & kids know their food will be off the flavor scale when they eat their breakfast, lunch or dinner out of them! (Note: Bowls can be picked up in the camp office by the end of Week 8.) Younger campers also learned about the ancient Art of copper tooling & created beautiful Aztec drawings. They also learned how to draw a sweet fawn in the grass as well as a silly pirate.  Both projects featured oil pastels & water colors for a wax resist. Andy Warhol was on the calendar this week for older campers. Kids learned about ink printing & made their own neon “Flowers” works in the style Andy made famous. The group also took on “The Kindness Project,” a national pay-it-forward service project that aims to spark joy in people’s lives. Kids painted smooth river rocks in brightly colored designs and wrote sweet inspirational messages on them.  The rocks will be gently placed around the Burgundy Farm campus in the hope they will lift the spirits of those who find them. You can visit the Kindness Rocks website at http://www.thekindnessrocksproject for additional information.


It has been an amazing week in photography! Our campers created their own stop motion animation film during the rainy days. They were very creative and resourceful when creating characters and props. The films turned out great! When the sun finally came out, and we got the chance to explore campus with cameras. Campers learned the different functions of our SLR cameras and when to use them. We also learned the art of imprinting. Campers chose their favorite photo and imprinted it onto a piece of wood. It has been a fun and exciting week!


This week the theme of Engineering was robotics. We designed different kind of robots out of Lego's and programmed them on computers to do different things. The middle division built a new robot every day, ranging from spinning top launchers, to space shuttles, to jumping frogs. The afternoon group made an EV3 robot which they programmed each day to perform in different competitions including spelling out their names, playing tug o war, jousting, and dodging obstacles. Each group learned about simple machines, and how they could be combined to make more complex machines, and then program them so the machine could be operated by a computer. The campers learned about how loops, variables, and conditions are used in programming.

Lego Legends

We began the week with a team building Lego relay challenge! Campers worked together to complete various Lego tasks, with the grand finale of the tallest tower. On Tuesday we built air powered cars. Campers built Lego cars with paper sails and balloons then tested to see which method worked better. Campers also had fun building and testing boats to see which could support the most weight. On Thursday we tried to replicate pictures with Legos. We ended the week with Free Build Friday.

Excite Soccer

Week 6 brought some brand new teams and some great competition! This was the smallest world cup of the Summer but that did not stop it from being competitive and fun! It all boiled down to the final game for both the AM and PM groups. Teams in the AM included Germany, England and Ethiopia. PM teams featured, Mexico, Djibouti and Israel. Soccer rules!

ARTrageous ARTventures

Morning and afternoon camps got fancy with bold, bright, blendable  chalks this week. Kids learned a bit about color theory while creating gorgeous flowers (am) & fish (pm) with chalk pastels. We also studied American Pop artist, James Rizzi,  best known for his vibrant, youthful graphics, as our artist of the week. Campers made adorable cities with smiling skyscrapers and wild tigers with oil pastels. We washed them vivid watercolors to increase the “wow factor”. Rounding out the week, younger campers tackled ink printing by making cool geometric designs with foam, while older campers sculpted adorable “foodie” charms out of colorful polymer clay.

Dare to Dance

Dare dance has been busy learning a brand new dance this week! Upper division grooved to a Michael Jackson song while middle division learned The Cupid Shuffle and The Cha-Cha Slide. We have stretched and kicked our hearts out, making memories to last the summer.

Nature Navigators

This week in nature camp we explored the woods in search of a stable fallen tree to build a bridge on, which was not as easy as it seemed. Campers learned how to weave using sticks, twigs and all sorts of things we picked up while navigating our scavenger hunts. We did not have an overall theme this week, yet we associated majority of our activities with the barnyard and it's amazing animals! From excavating worms, feeding lettuce to the chickens and ducks, to making barnyard puppets out of paper bags; we truly had a blast and can't wait for what's in store next week!


This week in science we went on an adventure through Aerodynamics. We started the week by exploring the meaning of Aerodynamics and why things fly and tested some theories with a paper airplane competition. We tested our DIY abilities and built catapults. We tested them by playing some classic arcade games such as Bozzo. On our windiest day this week we took to the skies and built our own kites out of paper and plastic. To finish of this week we did the classic egg drop. Using balloons, cardboard, paper cups, pipe cleaners and more we tired to safely guide eggs from four daring heights.

Burgundy Outdoors

This week in Burgundy Outdoors, even though it was raining a little, we were outside a majority of the time. On Monday we learned how to read a state map and how compasses work. On Tuesday we learned about worms and how they help the environment and how they help in composting foods and cardboard and papers. On Wednesday we used our orienteering skills such as, using a compass and maps, to go around campus and find pokemon hiding about. On Thursday we enjoyed the water slides and got ready to camp out overnight, we cooked out with some of the parents, ate burgers, hot dogs and pizza, went on a night hike, told some campfire stories, and made some s’mores. On Friday we packed up our belongings, took down our tents then ate bagels for breakfast, and went to see the Dare to Dance performance.


This week at MathTree we continued to work on having fun while sharpening out math skills. Our youngest group practiced mastering their sums to ten and beyond. Our next group exercised to ten and beyond. Our next group exercised their understanding of double digit and triple digit addition and subtraction. Lastly, our two older groups demonstrated their newly learned knowledge of multiplication facts and long division. It was a fun-filled, knowledge-acquiring two weeks!


In fencing we learned footwork, blade skills and about the honor and respect of the sport. We played some games, made some new friends, and had lots of fun! Most importantly, everyone got to learn some new skills and practice their fencing skills! Happy Summer to all of our future fencers!