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Summer 2018, Week 3

Bunnies and Ducks

This week the bunnies and ducks combined together to make the Bucks! We had so much fun making new friends and learning everyone's favorite ice cream flavor, animal, and color. To go along with the theme of the week, we colored bald eagles in art and learned the song This Land Is Our Land in music. Since it was so hot outside, we spent a lot of time inside building spaceships with LEGOs and playing in the loft in the bunnies classroom. One of the highlights of the week was reading The Greedy Python by Richard Buckley and Eric Carle. We cannot wait for the upcoming weeks to have more fun!



The Dinos had an exciting third week this summer with the Fourth of July theme! Although it was a shorter week than usual, this did not keep the Dinos from having fun in every possible moment. We started the week with our usual activities such as playing outside the classroom, going to art, sports, and music, and enjoying the wonderful pool, but after our mid week break we had new surprises in store. Even though the Fourth of July had passed, the Dinos kept the patriotic spirit alive with stories from their holiday experience and a spectacular game of Capture the American Flag in the woods next to the classroom. In all, the Dinos had a fantastic week and the counselors are looking forward to another one next week!


The Dino Counselors



This week at BFSDC our theme was crazy scientist. So to honor all of our crazy scientists our chipmunks made robots in art class, and a slime called Oobleck in science class! We also enjoyed our ice cream, went to the pool and to the water slides. All in all it was a very exciting week and we are capping it off on Friday with a crazy hair and hat day!”

-The Chipmunk Counselors


The Foxes had a great third week of camp! We faced a broken AC unit in the Foxes room but we didn't let that stop us from having a blast! As a result we discovered a new classroom and ate our ice creams at light speed to avoid the ever rising temperatures outdoors. We also got to read several new books including some classic Doctor Seuss and Star Wars! Dress up day was also a great success! We can't wait to see what next week brings!



The Raccoons had a great Red, White, and Blue week celebrating the 4th of July in style! We loved making firework rings on Tuesday and seeing everyone's patriotic clothing. We got to play with water balloons on Friday finished off the week with a blast!

Everyone enjoyed doing experiments with Mentos and Coke and making flowers colorful in science; going through obstacle courses, playing tag, and bowling in sports; making puppet bald eagles in art; and dancing in music. Of course, our Raccoons loved ice cream Tuesday and water slide Thursday as well!

We can't wait for another great week!

Raccoons Counselors and CIT's: Abby, Matt, Maggie, Natalia, and Diana



This week the Hawks had an amazing week at camp celebrating the 4th of July and America. With the small group we had this week the counselors were able to really get to know your children. The Hawks also participated in many American themed arts and crafts this week as well as played capture the flag with the Raccoons, Dino’s, and Eagles.



What a week in the Eagles! The most patriotic group at burgundy (for obvious reasons), had a blast celebrating our nation’s birthday, making our own eagle puppets and other fun crafts. In the classroom, the Eagles bonded over some awesome Fourth of J-uly stories and some great games of four corners. The Eagles are soaring into week four!


Lower Division Art

This week in art we worked on two patriotic projects to celebrate the Fourth of July! We started the week by making bald eagle puppets out of paper bags. Campers learned how to assemble their eagles and then got to decorate them creatively! Next, we learned how to paint our own American flags using pom poms. We hope you had a great Fourth of July and hope to see you next week!


Lower Division Sports and Games

This week in sports and games we started off the week with an obstacle course for the campers to complete! The obstacle course started with a small trampoline and focused on important skills like balance, jumping, and included things like crawling through tunnels and making their way across stepping stones without falling into the “water”! After the 4th of July we played a game called Stampede which is group relay game where each person must complete the task — whether it was running, skipping,hopping, riding on the scooter — as fast as they could around the designated track, then we finished with bowling!


Lower Division Science

This week in science we started off the week with a bang (literally!). The children were able to learn about chemical reactions with the help of the CO2 in soda with Mentos and watched in fascination when the combination caused the soda to shoot up into the air. We also learned about how to change a flower's color to red, white, and blue through osmosis and photosynthesis. The children also got involved with feeding some of the barnyard animals. Overall, it was an exciting few days and I look forward to seeing them all enjoy the experiments next week! Till then!


Lower Division Music

This week in music and drama campers celebrated our red, white, and blue theme by learning the song, "This Land is Your Land". During our time together campers played acting and music games designed to foster creativity and encourage independent thinking. Some of the instruments that we worked with this week include rhythm sticks, triangles, finger cymbals, and boomwhackers. Some campers in our oldest group had the opportunity to create their own musical compositions using boomwhackers. Our younger campers explored using props (rapper snappers) to act as firefighters and to act out the song, "The Wheels on the Bus".


Wow! It has been a busy week in photography! This week we focused on color composition through creating mosaics. Throughout the week they took photographs of the campus and campers. In the computer lab they used photoshop to manipulate their photos and turn them into to works of art.  The campers really captured the beauty of Burgundy. It has been an amazing creative week.



This week our theme was Power and Energy. Throughout the week we worked with different machines and different types of energy. We made pulleys, designed circuits, built motor boats, and designed roller coasters.
We talked about concepts like simple machines, potential and kinetic energy, how a closed circuit works, and how a generator produces energy.


Lego Legends

In Lego camp this week campers celebrated the 4th of July by making patriotic sculptures and putting them on display for other camp groups. Campers took inspiration from the surrounding area, building most of the monuments found in Washington, DC! We also tested different types of transportation, like cars and boats to see how far they could roll and how much weight they could support before sinking. We ended the week with Freebuild Friday where campers get to build anything they could possibly imagine!


Excite Soccer

This week's world cup was short but very competitive as usual. USA made an appearance for the first time on 4th of July week! The teams all worked hard, all trying to push through to the end and win the World Cup! Teams this week included: USA, Ireland, Uruguay, Argentina, Nigeria and Belgium. The PM group had some returning champions, wanting to become the first campers ever to win twice. Working hard with new team members to earn World Cup points they worked hard to try and best the competition. All in all, everyone wins because they got the chance to play soccer and have fun!


ARTrageous ARTventures

Patriotism & fun filled Art this holiday week with younger & older campers tackling our country’s beautiful mascot — the bald eagle. Watercolor birds flew with our younger campers, while stark black & white Zentangle eagles were slowly & diligently drawn by our older campers. Warm & cool color theory was studied via the designs of Canadian contemporary artist, Sandra Silberzweig.  Younger campers created stained-glass-looking fish & older campers created abstract self-portraits. Every camper played Our “Word Art” game and creatively turned the word “beach” into adorable seashore pictures.  Ask them about it! They’ll teach you! Whacky, messy colorful fun ended the week with kids making Red, White & Blue slime!


NOVA Fencing

In fencing we learned footwork, blade skills and about the honor and respect of the sport. We played some games, made some new friends, and had lots of fun! Most importantly, everyone got to learn some new skills and practice their fencing skills! Happy Summer to all of our future fencers!


Nature Navigators

This week the Navigators enjoyed several nature games; Meet a Tree, Sink and Float, What's Missing?, and What is it? We created forts made from old trees in the woods to use for our camouflage activity. It has been another successful and fun filled week here in Nature Navigators!



This week in science we made our own baking soda and vinegar volcanoes, oobleck and Mentos-Coke rockets. The kids loved taking slow mo videos of the volcanoes and seeing the chemical reaction take place. Oobleck was a great way to calm down after the fourth of July. The older kids got to look at the oobleck form in their own mixture and the middle division was able to play and learn with a nickelodeon colored oobleck. If you want to recreate it at home just mix cornstarch and water!

Burgundy Outdoors

"What happens outside, stays outside" is the slogan campers in Burgundy Outdoors created, however we just couldn't contain our excitement, so we guess we'll fill you in. This week has been nothing short of amazing! Each day we learned a new knot. So far we've learned a square knot, double overhand, water knot, and a figure 8 retrace. We've spent plenty of time on the playground playing dome tag, which is always exciting, especially when the counselors jump in the game too! While on our nature walks and woodland debris shelter building we've spotted plenty of wildlife from Todd the box turtle, his sister Tina, tiny frogs, and a portly toad. Whenever the heat became too much to bear, we made our way inside for indoor activities. Some of them included making natural insect repellent with essential oils, creating paracord survival keychains, and preparing a mini salad with lettuce, radish, kale, chard, arugula flowers, parsley, and mustard greens straight from the Burgundy Garden. In addition, the week has been full of team building which includes daily small group games and team challenges, and even an EPIC field trip to Hemlock Overlook Park for a low and high ropes challenge course. Though the group is small, the fun has been plentiful. Stay posted for what's in store next week!